Minor Injury Service at The Johnson Community Hospital in Spalding

Gosberton Medical Centre does not provide emergency treatment facilities, if you need emergency treatment please contact the Johnson Community Hospital

Address: Spalding Road, Spalding, PE11 3DT

Phone:  01775 652000

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 20:00



The Types of injuries the unit will see are:

  1. Lacerations capable of closure by simple techniques (stripping, gluing and suturing)
  2. Bruises
  3. Minor dislocation of phalanges
  4. Following recent injury where it is suspected stitching may be required
  5. Following blows to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness
  6. Minor burns or scalds
  7. Foreign bodies superficially embedded in tissues
  8. Mechanical falls
  9. Bites and stings

However, Patients in the following categories below are NOT appropriate for treatment by the unit and will be signposted elsewhere or back to their own GP Surgery.

  1. 999 call (unless attending crew speak directly to the doctor)
  2. Any patient who cannot be discharged home after treatment or needs a dressing change.
  3. Any patient with airway, breathing, circulatory or neurological compromise
  4. Actual or suspected overdose
  5. Accidental ingestion, poisoning, fume or smoke inhalation
  6. Blows to the head with loss of consciousness or extremes of age
  7. Sudden collapse or fall with loss of consciousness
  8. Penetrating eye injury
  9. Chemical, biological or radioactive contamination injured patients
  10. Full thickness burns
  11. Severe burns caused by electric shock
  12. Partial thickness burns over 3cm diameter or involving:
  13. Injuries to organs of special sense
  14. Injuries to the face, neck hands, feet or genitalia.
  15.  New or unexpected bleeding from any body orifice if profuse
  16. Foreign bodies impacted in bodily orifices which are not readily removable, especially in children
  17. Foreign bodies deeply embedded in tissues
  18. Trauma to hands, limbs or feet substantially affecting function
  19. Deep penetrating injuries to the head, torso or abdomen, clinical judgement should be used regarding appropriateness of treatment or requirement for ongoing referral (e.g. A&E).
  20. Lacerating / penetrating injuries involving nerve, artery or tendon damage

As part of South Lincs and Rural PCN (SLRPCN) we offer evening appointments outside of your normal GP practice hours. 

The hours are: Monday to Friday - 18:30 to 20:00

To book, please contact the surgery directly and the Care Navigation Team will be able to offer you an appointment. 

Please note:

These appointments are open to all patients registered at a practice within our PCN area.  The appointment may not be available at your practice should you wish for a specific day, however we endeavour to find you an appointment either with your GP practice or one close by.