Gosberton Medical Centre provides comprehensive dispensary services on site between the hours of 08:00am to 18:00pm.

24h collection point

24 Hour Automated Prescription Service

Following discussions between the GP Partners, Dispensary staff and the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at The Gosberton Medical Centre regarding the difficulty in recruiting dispensing staff, a problem which is now being experienced across the Country, the GP’s decided to make a significant financial investment in improving services for our patients by purchasing a 24-Hour Automated Prescription Collection Robot Booth. We are pleased to announce that following some hard work by the staff at the Centre the machine is now up and running. Very easy to use instructions on machine.

To register to be able to use the collection booth, you will need to complete a form which is available at the dispensary counter. Our dedicated team will then add you to our collection point system. When your prescription has been dispensed, it will be added to the collection point robot booth and will be available for collection (24 hours a day) for 3 days. You will receive a text message with the collection code and a link to follow to pay for your prescriptions or to fill out your prescription exemption. Once the code has been entered into the machine, the collection point robot will pick up your medications from the allocated slot within the machine and gently drop them down for you to collect from the bottom of the machine rather like the sweet and drink machines we have all seen before. Please push the door with one hand then use your other hand to pick up your medications. Regulations mean that we need to follow different procedures for any controlled drugs and fridge medication which will be only available to collect from our dispensary.

If anyone has a problem using the machine our staff will be happy to help, we really hope that this exciting new service will be welcomed by our patients.

Delivery of your prescription drugs

The Practice offers a Medication Delivery service Monday to Friday. This service is only available to our dispensing patients. Please note we do not deliver on Bank Holidays.

Deliveries will be between hours 09.00-14.00 subject to availability.

Compliance Trays (Nomads)

The Dispensary is able to offer a service of providing weekly medication compliance trays, or Nomad trays as they are more commonly referred to. These trays are for anybody taking several medications and may have difficulty in remembering to take their medication or finds it confusing in having so many to take.

If you are going away and require additional trays, please give us advance warning in plenty of time for us to prepare the additional tray(s). Thank you.